to be un- cool or unsweet

fucked up, screwey, unchill,not ordinary
kankable- fuckable
kanked- not cool
kanks- screwy/ intoxicated
by mark & fred August 15, 2006
To masturbate in someones presence with out them knowing.
Last night at work I saw Jenny and could not resist Kanking to her loose clit.
by vector November 17, 2004
Kank; Means a person who is acting like an idiot, dumb, stupid, or unintelligent individual. It can also stand as calling someone out for making a dumb decision or mistake. Or can stand as an insult to another individual.
1. Your a Kank if you think that’s gonna work
2. Bruh stop being a Kank

3. I don’t hang out with Kanks like her.
by xrandom_marix December 30, 2020
The military uses the word(s) Kank, Kanking or Kanked. As in canceled.
We where going on a field OP, but they kanked it do to supply shortage.
by Siderith September 24, 2009
kid with no definition between calf muscle and ankle AKA kankles
dude u have kanks!
by what a brad May 23, 2009
1. When your ankles and calf meet to form a "Kank"

2. A piece of shit who knows nothing about anything

3. Ignorant asshole

4. Mediocre Rapper (At Best)

5. The Area between your ankles and knees.
Man i was checkin out this girl today, when i looked down and saw she had kanks!. I peaced instantly when i saw that

Kanks is such a stupid piece of shit. He doesnt know whats left or right. The only thing he is good at is FB creepin, and creating mediocre lyrics and pretending its his english homework.

I was sitting on the couch today, and decided to take a glance over at kanks' screen. I was shocked to see kanks was creepin on torts page and instantly decide to declare him mad homo.

Your kanks are sticking out of your pants man! You should put those things away before you walk into a room
by KeepingItReal1 March 2, 2010
To drink heavily in a short period, or to drink slowly for a long extended time.
Jack texted Jill asking if she was ready to do some kanking.
by onemorewave February 7, 2014