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Someone who..
1. Just can not chill plus take it easy
2. constantly asks irritating question's when your chillin.

3. make's peeps angry with presence
4. isnt good at anything but being unchill

5. hinders the groups abilites to get chix
6. puts forth no use for the group chill sesh
7. freaks out the opposite of chill
UNCHILL: "hey bros want to get up and do something?
BRO: "Idk man we will see"
UNCHILL: "HEY bro its my turn to take that__..awww shitt that was insanne dudes" Where did you buy this? How much? From who? What are we doing here?"
Bro: (angry) Dude shut UP
by cannibis2k10 December 08, 2010
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The polar opposite of the dictionary definition of the the very sole essence of chill, in its elementary form assuming standard temperature and pressure of course.
The vulgurous more bold use of the concept of unchill is applying the fundamental constant F, or fuck, which is raised to the power of infinite. After rearranging the prefixes we arrive at the derived equation Fun+Chill or "Fucking Unchill".
Hey look the V is being super unchill today!

Dude that ollie that Sacky G did was purely funchill.

Society is unchill.

Social security, the NSA, Cops (see pigs), and all who oppose freedom are directly proportional to the earth's constant increase in unchill levels.

ANYONE who is named Deshina and does not live in California=UN FUCKING CHILL
by moehawk12 August 15, 2013
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1. adj: being uptight and of the fagot nature; not being chill; word to describe someone who hates bro and chill things
1. yo look at that fag doing homework on a weekend, toooottally un-chill.

2. Hey i heard mike hates the song the general by dispatch, soo un-chill
by brosef adi September 20, 2010
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