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An Internet image showing a woman in a bathtub with her rectum in the air. From her anus is spewing yellow liquid shit in a graceful arc and into her mouth.
Tubgirl is well beyond sick, twisted, and disgusting, and is well into the realm of just plain wrong.
by Darth Ridley February 11, 2006

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An evil bastard and CEO of Apple Computers.

Bill Gates is in the process of giving 85% of his fortunate to charity. Linus Torvalds single-handedly invented Linux, and made it free and open-source. Jobs has done neither of these things.

When Jobs' own company, NeXt, failed miserably, he returned to Apple as CEO. At the time, several other companies were manufacturing MacOS-compatible computers; Jobs revoked their licenses. He also put the kibosh on a project to develop a PC-compatible version of MacOS, the result of both of these actions being that if you want to use MacOS, you have to buy a Mac.
If it wasn't for Steve Jobs, more people would use MacOS because they wouldn't have to spend lots of money on a computer they can't modify and isn't compatible with lots of peripherals.

If I had a Death Note, I would write 'Steve Jobs - death by diarrhoea' in it.
by Darth Ridley April 24, 2008

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The ultimate goal of an occupation, profession, or endeavour.
A cure for AIDS is the holy grail of a number of scientists.
by Darth Ridley December 17, 2006

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The sum total of all biochemical reactions that occur in a person's body. Digestion of food is just one aspect of metabolism.

Divided into catabolism, where organic molecules are oxidised and degreaded to prodice energy, and anabolism, where small organic molecules are combined to form larger ones at a cost of energy.
My last biochemistry exam was all about metabolism.
by Darth Ridley November 09, 2006

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Originally, in a season in which four full moons occurred, the blue moon was the third of these.

In 1946, an error in the magazine *Sky and Telescope* led to the term referring to the second blue moon in a month.

Today, the phrase 'blue moon' is used to refer to an event that happens quite rarely. Interestingly, by either of the definitions given above, it would ean something that occurs on average every 2.5 years.
There'll be a blue moon in a few weeks.

I watch soap operas once in a blue moon.
by Darth Ridley February 27, 2007

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A skirt which is longer than a belt but shorter than a miniskirt; in other words, 5-8cm long.
The microskirt is the semi-official dress code for 14-year-old girls at discos.
by Darth Ridley September 17, 2006

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Sports organised by the GAA (Gaelic Athletic Association), notably hurling and gaelic football.
I like gaa, but the GAA has a habit of ruining it.
by Darth Ridley March 10, 2007

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