a demonic group of high-schoolers that is at just the right time in they're career so that they're just old enough to be considered upperclassmen, but just young enough to not have the stress of college apps like the seniors. this results in a tremendous and annoying ego enhancement, making them the most troublesome and/or obnoxious class in the school.
freshman: (to junior) do you know where room 231 is?

juniors: yea its down the hall to the right (freshman leaves and junior and friends laugh because they know it's actually on the other side of the school)

junior: (to senior) how are the college apps going?

senior: not too well, i haven't finished yet AND i got deferred from my first pick.

by sidero December 19, 2009
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Junior is also a slang word used in Asia and UK for dick or penis
I like to play with junior before I go to bed!
by gwmsg September 28, 2009
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A guy who thinks he is the shit. Thinks that smoking weed and going to jail a lot makes him cooler.lies to girls,plays with them,and after getting what he wants from them leaves them. He is alright looking,not the best. Always gets in trouble and is fake most of the time.
Jessica: omg junior is talking to me

Brenda: don't get your hopes up,he comes and goes.
by Stargirll March 04, 2012
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1.) Junior, meaning small, as in small portion of my cig.
2.) Junior, abbrev. JR, creators Josh & Ryan.

Used to describe a hit from a cig because drag, hit, puff and others have weed connotations.
"Hey, wanna junior of my cig"
by JR520 March 26, 2007
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The Ghettoest Of All Ghettoes...
1:Look at that Junior over there with her tracks hanging all out of her head...

2: That aint cute...

1: Sho aint
by Non-Ghetto February 02, 2011
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A guy, usually in his teens who dresses like a 12 year old boy with caps turned backwords and baseball t-shirts, shorts or blue jeans. Spends his time playing vodeo games and drawing animies and other cartoon stuff.
Also acts really boyish and obnoxious. Poser in a way.
Usually a mixture of jock and skater.
Not good at sports or skating but tries.
Makes fun at everything they see, really 12 year old boy acting ways,even though they might be much older of age, spit most of the time and are very naive guys. Not fully mature.
That anoying kid thinks he knows how to skate,that stupid junior
by sevastian April 11, 2008
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