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the officers of the law in disguise
tha diplomats:oh shit the jump outs dipset kid
by james A.C August 31, 2004
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the undercover laws, mostly the big black suburbans or ford taurus, or big double door vans. mostly tinted
Ford taurus pull up, everybody run, white boys jumpout pointin' with they guns, ford taurus leave everybody came back, hey hope them boys didn't find my sack. (Jeezy)
by BigOreo June 08, 2006
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noun. Slang term for the police, specifically the uniformed arrest teams that speed into the block, emerge quickly from their vehicles, and make arrests. Developed in the 1980s to combat inner-city narcotics distribution.
"I was smoking some phat chronic with my boys and then the jump outs rolled in and locked my ass up. Man, I'm innocent."
by Notorious JFK December 21, 2005
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