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The scientific, latin name of a totally fat, ugly bitch, having an obscenely large proboscis.
Usually, over agressive and ill-tempered.
The Elephantus Rhinoceri can smell the presence of a potential mate from hundreds of yards. Due to insufficient sexual attention, she is known to be very aggressive. At first sight of a male she is prone to charge.
by JGSR October 28, 2007
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An Honored English Musician, noted for his flamboyant style and open homosexuality.
Real Name: Reginald Dwight
Reggie Dwight? Elton John was given 2 black-sounding first names "Reggie" and "Dwight", so he had to change them to 2 white-sounding first names, "Elton" and "John", probably to appeal to a mainly white audience. Funny.

"Hold me closer, Tony Danza!"
by JGSR September 20, 2007
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The Casualties of War are the crumbled bits of weed leftover on the tray after one rolls a blunt or joint.
Casualties are traditionally gathered into a small pile and loaded into a bong or bowl.
This term Can also refer to the chunks of weed that fall out of the end of the blunt or joint.
"Damn, that shisty fucker put the Casualties of War back in his bag instead of loadin' 'em up!"
"No way I can fit all this weed into this blunt. There will be mass Casualties of War!"
by JGSR July 22, 2006
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'CC' or Double 'C'

Used by Crip Gang members to replace 'CK' in any word.
'CK' - Abbreviation for 'Crip Killer' a term used by rival gangs.

Crips may also add a silent 'K' after any 'B' to represent the expression 'BK' (Blood Killer), such as BKlood, or BKloCC
BloCC/BKloCC , RoCC, LoCC, CraCC, GloCC, AttaCC, RuCCus, KnuCCles, StuCC, Etc
by JGSR November 29, 2007
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Down Low
D-Lo is a shortened term for 'Down Low' and can be used in all the same instances.

Also my cousin DeAngelo, What up D-Lo!
'Hey, hommy, keep it on the D-Lo.'
by JGSR May 5, 2006
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The classic Nike Cortez, worn best with fat laces.

Original Gangsta kicks, see also Chucks
The new J's are ugly and cost too much, but the Dopemans will always be hard!"
by JGSR November 17, 2007
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'Drop it Down' is to give something to somebody, usually by delivering it to them.
One instance, is if you owe someone money, they may ask you to 'Drop it Down'.
If you want someone to sample something you have, you may stop by to 'Drop it Down'
'Drop it Down' also means to pass a deal along to somebody.
"You got it for $50? I ain't payin' $65, we're hommies, dog, Drop It Down!"
"You got my money? Good, Drop It Down this afternoon."
by JGSR March 22, 2006
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