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'Dime Bag' is a general term for $10 worth of weed.
Back in the day, a Quarter Ounce (7 Grams) only cost $10. An eighth cost $5, thus the terms, nickel bag and dime bag.
Some cicles still refer to a Quarter Ounce as a 'Dime Bag'.
"Man, We need a dime bag!"
by JGSR July 13, 2006

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Soulja or Souljah
Not to be (stereotypically)confused with Jesus freaks or aimless gang members, A Soulja, is anyone who has gone through hard times and fought against adversity. A Soulja's strength comes from within, strength of mind, body, soul, and character. A true Soulja would have learned from his/her mistakes, taken responsibility for his/her actions and gained strength to never back down. Someone who knows no limits to his/her own power and God given abilities. A person who serves their people, lives by a strict code, and is never afraid to stand up for what they believe in. Someone who is willing to fight for their home, family, property, etc, but is not necessarily part of a conventional service (Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, etc).
A Soulja cannot be defined by race, age, background, location, or economic status.
"Did the crime and got caught up, fuck it, did my time like a soulja!"
After a lifetime of toil, a true soulja wakes up each morning optimistic.

by JGSR June 14, 2006

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A certain 'hood, or block may be refered to as a "Set".
"What set you from, Nigga?"
Any gang violence or rivalry between "Sets" can be labeled as "Set Trippin".
"Homeboy from projects got killed by some set trippin ass niggas from the northside."
"Take that shit to the street, we aint set trippin up in here!"
by JGSR April 01, 2006

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To pimp with an aggressive style. Instead of persuading his tricks with drugs, a Gorilla Pimp would beat his hoes. Gorilla Pimps use violence and intimidation rather than promise of money, stability or protection to make a prostitute do what they want.
"I'ma ask that bitch once! And if she ain't got my money, I'ma beat that bitch so bad, she won't be able to suck dick strait for a week!"
"Fuck you hoe, You'll do what the fuck I say or I'll knock all your teeth out! I feel like doin' it anywayz just so you can suck dick better, so watch your fuckin mouth!"
"Don't you know I be Gorilla Pimpin? My hoes never get outta line!"
by JGSR July 17, 2006

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'Jump Out Boys' is a phrase used to describe police, detectives, undercover officers, and other law enforcement personel.
More specifically the term refers to officers involved in sting opereations. (Narcotics, Prostitution, Organized Crime etc.)
The 'Jump Out Boys' are usually either the swat team, or the cops on stake outs inside the sound van, listening in on wire taps or wired informants. When tipped off, or alerted, these officers are known to jump out of the vehicle and subdue suspects by force, thus the term 'Jump Out Boys'.
They ride in unmarked vehicles, typically vans, trucks, and vehicles without windows.
Some gangs and/or squads are known tocall themselves 'Jump Out Boys' due to their simmilar, jump out style.
"See that U-Haul across the street, It's the 'jump out boys'. They been watchin us for three days."
"I got hemmed up by the 'jump out boys' last night. I was walkin home from the spot and they came out of nowhere!"
by JGSR April 01, 2006

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To be arrested or jumped. Any thing that may hold you up. An inconvenience may be refered to as a Hem Up.
Also to fix the hemline on the bottom of a dress or pair of pants. Shortenting a dress or pair of pants.
"Man, I got hemmed up last night, and pigs took the sack I just got!"
"These suckas hemmed me up and jacked my wallet and gold chain."
"Sorry I couldn't make it last night, I got all hemmed up at work, and didnt get out of there till midnight."
by JGSR April 01, 2006

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Misinformation of any kind, which is false yet presented as the truth.

-Approximatemly 98% of what you see, hear, learn, believe, and think on a daily basis.

-Nearly all of what you are taught in school, told in church, and shown by the government.

-That which most of the whole world's thoughts, views, opinions, and ideals are based on.
Propaganda is overflowing out of every type of media outlet, government institution, commercial company, educational facility, and place of worship in the world!
by JGSR November 24, 2007

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