1. Something that is cool, vibrant, and unique. It is commonly used to replace boring, overused words such as "cool" or "sweet".

2. An adjective used to describe something that is full of juice.
1. "Wow, did you see that sculpture? It was juicy!"

2. The pineapple was extremely juicy.
by Large and on a barge April 27, 2009
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A business with plenty of money. Gangs use it before robbery for tell how its gonna be beneficial mostly.
Come on man,this job fucking juicy you will be new Richie Rich.
by LiteratOurist Melih December 29, 2009
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Pleasurable to the senses. Enjoyable in an especially gratifying, satisfying way.
I love this song - I've been listening to it over and over for the past hour. It's juicy!
by Nicole February 27, 2004
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noun: the female member, aka: the vagina
Her juicy was tight as shit.
by Dee November 11, 2003
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