An acronym for 'John Player Special', a brand of cigarette marketed by Imperial Tobacco LLC (Imperial Brands Ltd. in Canada). The John Player Special brand is well known for its less chemical, yet more bold taste than many blends available on the mianstream market. The signature elegant gold lettering on black packaging has earned the blend the nick name 'The Black Death'. Though Imperial Tobacco has released at least red and white renditions of the package (the latter of which was at one point the subject of a massive advertising spree in the UK), the most popular blend and type remains the International Blend, King Size Black (as opposed to American Blend).
JPS is often (whether true or not) cited as the most potentially health-damaging non-american blend allowed for sale by Health Canada
by Karma April 05, 2005
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Jean-Paul Sartre, the famous existentialist philosopher and author of Being and Nothingness, as referred to by people who are tired of trying to pronounce his last name.
1: Is it pronounced "Sart-ruh" or just "Sart"?
2: Huh?
1: You know, the philosopher . . .

2: Oh, you mean JPS?
by sishu7 April 04, 2011
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Botnet term: Joins Per Second (JPS)

The speed at which bots join a channel when loaded (directed to a given IP).
WOW Pherks JPS is 4!
by afextz September 30, 2004
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A sequence in this specific order:

Yo man, I'm gonna go home tonight and JPS it.

I JPS'd it so hard last night.
by jps4985498459458 November 04, 2010
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Acronym for the Boston neighborhood Jamaica Plain. Diversity is celebrated in JP. It's not uncommon to see affluent college kids intermingling with disadvantaged inner city youths at the public parks where playing basketball and smoking marijuana is a way of life.
"Hey lets go to JP to play some hoops and blaze up with the homeboys."
by affluent geoffrey January 31, 2020
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just playin, ppl usually use this when on the internet
synonym :jk (just kiddin)
jackass_fo_life4325: yous a ho bitch, back up!
chick0102: fuck u nigga!
jackass: u no im jp
chick0102: oh ok is all good
by anonymous December 29, 2003
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The sweetest, nicest, funniest guy you'll meet. He makes you laugh so hard you'll pee in your pants. He has a beautiful smile and makes you smile just by looking at him. You are the luckiest person in the world if you're dating JP. You are SOOOO lucky and you should be thankful even if sometimes you wanna punch him in his throat. You better love him though.
"JP is the best guy in the world! He's big, strong, and protects you! Yes, he is sometimes difficult but he is still the best!"
by LuckyGirly December 21, 2016
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