Botnet is software, or parts of software, that runs on your computer to other's advantage without your consent, usually in the form of data collection.

Commercial software often has built-in data collection to the company and/or affiliated 3'rd parties' advantage, sometimes without your knowledge or consent, in which case it may be called botnet.
"Have you upgraded yet?"
"Nah man, Windows 10 is botnet"
by FeckOffCup July 03, 2016
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Botnets (network of bots / zombie computers) are computers infected by worms or Trojans and taken over surreptitiously by hackers and brought into networks to send spam, more viruses, or launch denial of service attacks.
a group of zombie computers is known as a botnet

the botnet is just too big to stop this ddos attack

i got 400 viagra emails from a botnet today
by babyb September 24, 2004
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Botnet is a jargon term for a collection of software robots, or bots, which run autonomously. This can also refer to the network of computers using distributed computing software.

While the term "botnet" can be used to refer to any group of bots, such as IRC bots, the word is generally used to refer to a collection of compromised machines running programs (usually referred to as worms, Trojan horses, or backdoors) under a common command and control infrastructure. A botnet's originator can control the group remotely, usually through a means such as IRC, and usually for nefarious purposes. Individual programs manifest as IRC "bots". Often the command and control takes place via an IRC server or a specific channel on a public IRC network. A bot typically runs hidden, and complies with the RFC 1459 (IRC) standard. Generally, the perpetrator of the botnet has compromised a series of systems using various tools (exploits, buffer overflows, as well as others; see also RPC). Newer bots can automatically scan their environment and propagate themselves using vulnerabilities and weak passwords. Generally, the more vulnerabilities a bot can scan and propagate through, the more valuable it becomes to a botnet owner community
i'll send my botnet on your server and mess u up
by Rene Estrada May 29, 2006
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Originally meant to denote virus trojans acting in a network, it also means excessive use of telemetry and other privacy violating features of searingly legitimate software?
Did you see that botnet that Windows 10 installed? Yeah, that was a ludicrous display.
by sdfw2 July 02, 2018
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A computer that has been infected and taken over by a hacker by using a virus/trojan/malware.
Holy shit, did you hear about tom in our computer class who downloaded a trojan and his PC turned into a botnet?
by filter2700000 April 20, 2008
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(Noun) Internet slang for the web browser Google Chrome. Derogatory insinuation the web browser application replicates behaviors similar to malware in a botnet. Application behavior can include transmission of an inappropriate amount of browsing data to the company, update policies and difficulty in fully removing the application after uninstalling reminiscent of PUPs.

Additionally alludes to inappropriate integration of company services, i.e., past injection of advertisements in personal email through the gmail service based on key words and forcing You Tube patron to use their real name while integrating with Google +.
I couldn't install Arch last night on my Chromebook, so now I'm stuck with botnet browser.
by numbing_agent January 14, 2015
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People like Twisty, the Garbage Chicken Master. I.e ( Zonehax, and all of the other Instagram retards)

One way to find these people is by scrolling through all of the users with the following strings in their bios,

"Security Researchers", "Cyber Security Analyst", "Hacker", "Lizard Squad", "Selling Net Spots", "Retired Legend", "Metasploit Pro", "Selling Cracked Accounts", etc.

If you find anyone of these types of people or have anything to add to the definition please let me know at @mindoftech on Instagram.
Twisty is a botnet retard. Botnet retards like to flex on fake knowledge known as a fantasy or claim to be "godly".
by godremedy December 23, 2019
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