JP short for Jizz Pants, a person who nuts in their pants with minimal stimulation. For example in a strip club in Blackpool.
Hey see that Pat, he's a real two pump chump let's call him JP.
by Gary_T April 17, 2015
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J.P. stands for jewish princess. jewish princess refers to a jewish girl who is very spoiled by her parents, and gets mainly everything she wants.
"man, that girl is such a j.p. her dad gets her everything"
by amaziing person January 14, 2007
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Shortened form of "Japanese". Used in the FFXI gaming environment to refer to Japanese players.

Preferred to other shortened forms like "Jap", which is considered disrepectful.
JP only, ((sorry, I don't understand English)).

My JP friend gave me these balance rings, I'm so lucky to be a linkshell with JP players.

It's hard to play with JP players because of translation issues, but they really rock in combat.
by Moonbug October 29, 2004
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"Hey Red-nut reckons you can't have the print room door open because it's too hot"
"What a JP!"
"Yeah he's a douche!"
by manbearpig1234 October 05, 2009
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A young man between the age of 18-25 which claims to be straight, but deep down inside loves the cock in or around his mouth or anus
Man that guys a pretty big JP
by Area 51 4 LIFE January 25, 2009
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