A sudden reminder of the past. This can be brought about by hearing a song from high school, seeing an ex, puffing on a j in your old puffin spot, etc. Similar to a flashback.
Going back to New York is always a throwback...
by asuric ecstacy December 18, 2005
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wearing a larry byrd jersey now would be considered a throwback jersey
by Manuel March 12, 2003
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something old or from a while ago
That picture is throwback.
by broOke<3 March 20, 2005
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A fish caught that measures under the legal limit.
Toss it back in the lake, that fish is a throwback.
by pansyfairy November 27, 2012
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A type of kickback where many of the guests must be "thrown back" to avoid becoming a complete party.
yea but I heard it will probably be a throwback since he has a small house.
by party master234 May 12, 2011
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(n.) an old jersey

(adj.) out of shape;played out
Dat' hoe is throwback!
by pharoahpimp April 4, 2004
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