Investigative journalism aimed at bringing the dirty secrets of a well-known person to light - in other words, exposing an asshole.
The official seemed set for a successful political career until a brilliant piece of moon journalism exposed his fraudulent activities.
by mynah1 September 18, 2009
excessive writing in a journal, diary, etc. due to an overwhelming amount of pent-up emotion.
I really need to journal vomit when I get home.
by Connie Foanio March 18, 2008
simple, straight-forward questions that cannot be answered by inept politicians.
katie couric: "governor palin, how many fingers am i holding up?"

sarah palin: "you know katie, i'm sick and tired of this gotcha journalism."
by bun September 30, 2008
Gaslight journalism is when a journalist write inflammatory article or review bomb any personality/company by falsely accusing them of discrimination or try to get dirt on them by finding something negative in their past and run their article repeatedly to making the victim believe they are really guilty. They do this force the person/company to hire people who only believe in point of view of gaslight journalist or sometime hire the service of journalist itself. They can even manipulate them toward funding particular organisation or even political party.
Guy1- Remember that self proclaimed journalist who accused gaming company of being ultra sexist and racist?
Guy2- Yeah! what happened?
Guy1- Today he/she asked that company to hire her/him as "Consultant and expert of these issue"
Guy2- lol, thats gaslight journalism. Those companies ain't that stupid!
by AshishtBhatt July 14, 2020
A journal to keep one's dreams.
I keep an online dream journal at
by Susan Sampson March 26, 2008
The point of this journal is to DESTROY it. Any way, shape or form will work. Fill the pages with doodles, thoughts, experiments and ways to wreck the journal

ie Play Ultimate Frisbee with the journal
The more wrecked up the better.
Let's toss this 'Wreck this Journal' journal through fire!
by wreckin' it January 17, 2012
The action of reposting a picture (or jpeg) with some text on it on a social networking site without doing any other research about the subject or determining if the content of the post is accurate. The extent of their research is simply sharing things online.
Do you see the crazy conspiracy crap Steve posts online all the time?

Yeah he does it all the time but doesn't know anything about the stuff he posts. He's only capable ofJPEG Journalism.
by THE_AE September 22, 2016