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simple, straight-forward questions that cannot be answered by inept politicians.
katie couric: "governor palin, how many fingers am i holding up?"

sarah palin: "you know katie, i'm sick and tired of this gotcha journalism."
by bun September 30, 2008

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The act of jerking off over the toilet after you have taken a shit.
I was prarie doggin it while I was browsing porn, so I decided to pull a payner and kill two birds with one stone.
by bun April 14, 2005

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Attractive women you'd like to talk to, but who wouldn't give you the time of day; their massive egos generally stem from idiots like you trying to talk to them all the time
j: my god- look at her
r: you don't have a chance
j: yeah, what a bitch
*high five*
by bun August 10, 2005

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