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v. The act of publishing what multinational corporations want us to know.
Ah, more news that doesn't talk at all about corruption or the real issues facing America. Good, good, this is the best Journalism money could buy!
by CommandoDude October 24, 2010
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the art of making up a story with something that sounds like a premise but isn't, and then spending the entire time writing about how your unfounded premise would play out, if it had any basis
Boy, those Gawker folks are awfully good at journalism.
by Arglebargleglopfropf January 28, 2009
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To write your own defintions of a certain topic on a journal in order to become a journalist and pass university. Writing about history and the past of journalism can define the meaning of historical events more when you become a journalist.
Writing about journalism and leads you to become a journalist.

Nobody can easily pass university if they don't write a journalism about a historical events.

Mr.Bruelle made us write about the American Colonists for our history journalism affections project.
by ProfessorBruelle October 01, 2019
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