the art of making up a story with something that sounds like a premise but isn't, and then spending the entire time writing about how your unfounded premise would play out, if it had any basis
Boy, those Gawker folks are awfully good at journalism.
by Arglebargleglopfropf January 28, 2009
In French: "Journal" means newspaper.
Hier j'ai lu le journal
I read the newspaper yesterday.
by Str187 September 6, 2007
The art of expunging all of the art in writing.
For perfect examples of how journalism undermines art, see the guidelines listed in the AP Associated Press Stylebook.
by nethcev! August 18, 2006

Frequently used to describe the act of writing in an online, public journal (blog, livejournal, diaryland, etc).
I've been journaling for two years now.
by rieux November 29, 2003
The default career path for those on the shallower end of the gene pool.
Person A: “So what do you do for a living?”
Person B: “Oh, I do journalism.”
Person A: “Nice...”
by DontTakeItSerious November 21, 2020
A journal used for personal use, such as a planner, art book, organization journal, and or a diary.
"How are you so organized?!"
"I write everything down in my bullet journal"
by ThatFan January 28, 2018
The use of cheaply sensational or unscrupulous methods in newspapers to attract and influence the readers.
99.3% of what is in tabloid newspapers is yellow journalism.
by IRISHREPUBLICANARMY December 26, 2003