an underpaid, overworked employee that takes endless shit and abuse, while trying to organize work for thankless assholes that dont want to do the work in the first place
The planner was forced to work the weekend to be ready for the shutdown
by Corey Planner November 15, 2006
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there is no point of having planners
by shnipsels September 12, 2018
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In reference to dating and relationships.It's and older man or woman who may be retired or not and is in a relationship with a younger man or woman who are usually twice or three times the age of the younger man or woman.
Hey Dan is that your mother? No she is my girlfriend.Wow she is a really good looking pension planner!
by Black Death Metal July 20, 2008
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A person who makes plans for a group then backs out of the plans they made.
Dan: Did you hear that Jessica is not going to the holiday party on Saturday?
Mary: Didn’t she set it up?
Dan: Yea, she’s an Oriental Planner.
by Dan Dan Noodles N. November 23, 2009
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n. A person who satifies one or more of the following:

a) Believes Le Corbusier is Satan and Peter Calthorpe and Portland Oregon are the cure for everything.
b) Puts the Kunt back in Kuntsler.
c) Likes to shit on Los Angeles, but secretly wants to live there.
d) Thinks social planning is somekind of speed dating.
e) Zealous advocate of clean, efficient public transit as the chariot of the people...but won't be caught dead on it.
f) Considers only rear, front and side setbacks and body footprint when considering a mate.
g) Becomes considably irrate when lesser minions understand "smart growth" to be some kind of male organ enhancement.
h) Completely baffled by people who think GIS is somekind of jizz.
If you weren't such an urban planner I'd have sex with you.
by Ebenezer Howard February 1, 2009
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Pussy planner is a colloquial term for tracking your monthlies via planner/schedule.
"Is this your pussy planner?" (indicating to a planner on the desk)
by mistikwave September 19, 2010
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The coolest people ever. They understand the importance of great communities and are able to make them happen without stepping all over your private property rights. Give these people a big hug.
We have some of the best agricultural land thanks to our rural planners
by Schmooo December 13, 2014
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