All Josh's (Josh's? Joshes? Idk.) are really kind and funny. Always there for you. Make you laugh when you least expect it. Josh's are amazing. Best things that ever happened to you, correct? If you have the luck have one as a mate or even to date one, make sure you never leave him!
"Oh dayumn, Josh is one hood ass nigga!"
by I'M FABULOUS :D May 27, 2014
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a short, red-headed devil that dresses like a bro. He has a negative opinion on just about every subject. He likes long walks on the beach, but dont let this distract you from the ultra-negative nature of the beast.
That comment by Mark was so negative it is the epitome of Josh.
by Crowntown BroKing March 30, 2011
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the act of waiting until a girl is asleep and proceeding to masturbate until completion and ejaculating on the girl
Man, Larry was so boned up after his date with Susie that he totally pulled a josh on her!
by Bukkake King Jr. February 27, 2013
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- choosing the easiest way to do something out of laziness with no regards for future consequences or not doing anything about something because you are too lazy to bother even though in the future you will have a much larger problem.
Bill broke up with his girlfriend who lied and cheated on him, but made a josh and started having sex and dating her again because he didn't have to try.

Instead of canceling his magazine trials, Bobert pulled a josh and did nothing, ignoring the possibility of future bills.
by writteningasoline March 26, 2010
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A word that is impossible to say backwards.
Dan: HHHOOOOSSSOOOOOODGGEE (sound of someone attempting josh backward)

Tim: Thats as impossible as is it is for Osama bin ladens beard to be on a sun-silk ad.
by ooohhnarutokun May 07, 2011
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An amazing guy who puts one before himself. He is rich and super nice. He has amazing muscles and is SUPER hot. He always knows when something is wrong and is always there for you. He's an amazing boyfriend and every girl is jealous of his girlfriend. He is the most amazing guy ever. Definitely easy to fall in love with.

I love you Josh.
hot rich muscles boyfriend amazing love jealous Josh
by xox13 March 14, 2011
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