On God is a phrase which is a way of saying that someone is telling the truth. Similar to another phrase such as "I swear to God." Other common uses are "On my mom," "On my grandma," "On my grandpa," "On gang," etc...
Person 1: I whipped out of that parking lot so fast, spinning the wheel, I 'bout flipped the damn car over. Then the police started following me, and I had to run away.

Person 2: Really?

Person 1: On God, bruh."
by piercethegreenbridesveil January 8, 2017
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When you're being a real nigga and these broke ass hoes don't believe you.
When white people say "My hood lingo isn't up to par." and you have to tell it to them straight, "On god bro these niggas be trippin."
by Guardian Asian January 14, 2019
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When your serious, and no one believes you
Julio: Whatup Folk...that girls booty is thick.
Kyle: Yeah right nigga she aint got shit on god she dont
by GeT'Mo.ChEdDa December 19, 2008
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A phrase used to describe something so honest you're swearing upon God's name.

I swear on God = On God
Guy: I swear people ask themselves questions on ask.fm
Girl: On God.
by HollabackGirl July 22, 2013
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To swear upon the Christians all-father god.
Person 1: bruh you ain’t got 2k
Person 2: On god I got 2k
Person 1:bet...
by Jeepers/ Figgle my nippers February 2, 2019
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When you say something and you're deadass about it.
"Ayo I just found $100 in the parking lot"
"Damn on God?
"Yee on God"
by lilm11ka May 5, 2020
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This is a common slang in Nigeria which means that things are no longer under your control.
Guy 1: How your exams na?
Guy 2: Omo, e dey on God o
by KingBrush January 9, 2021
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