someone who is unbelievably bad ass has mad swagger
and is the most baller person anyone can be. He always looks good and is the sexiest man in the world hands down.People like Mike Jones give him his number because everyone just wants to be friends with him. Famous for jamming out with Opeth there practically his best friends. Has a really awesome girlfriend who adores him to death, and loves BONDING with cheese because cheese is the good stuff and the real deal. Hes Always throwing up gangster signs and shooting shit. basically everyone just wants to be a Josh.
by CHEESELAVOIE January 04, 2010
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Josh is very smart, especially in math. He is a very nice guy and can be trusted. All of the girls love him! He gets along best with Jack or Max, and has slightly curly brown hair and blue eyes. His eyesight isn't the best, so he wears glasses. He is very funny and sarcastic, loves bright colors, especially green and pink. His clothing style is amazing!
Josh is amazing. I wish I could date him
by Swegyoooooo November 01, 2013
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A boy that will tell you he really likes you,then choose another girl. Only wants you for your body;tends to lead on. Total douchebag.
by blondesinger26 August 03, 2011
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Josh is the boy with a million and two friends. He loves his family, takes care of his friends, and can handle anything. He's never had a girl friend who hasn't fallen for him. He takes less than he deserves, and gives more than he takes. Josh is a beautiful person inside and out. If you ever incounter a josh nosis, don't be shy. introduce yourself. Josh's also tend to have a great singing voice.

The most beautiful boy you'll ever come accross.
Have you ever met a Josh?
Did you fall in love?
by a girl who cares too much March 19, 2011
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To rage quit during any type of game or competition. Also to fire directly into friendly units for no apparent reason, other than to be a douche.
Quit being such a fucking josh, you douche.
by The Alex. July 05, 2011
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n. 1) a tissue, 2) any form of tissue or such material that can be used to catch the result of masturbation, especially while alone in a dark room, 3) v. to josh, to masturbate into a tissue awkwardly while alone in a dark room.
1) "Hey, wanna pass me a josh?"
2) "Dude, I don't wanna go in my room. I stepped on an old josh last night, and it wasn't mine."
3) "God damnit, I walked in on my room mate while he was joshing last night.
by Mike_Rotch October 04, 2010
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1. To be constantly and consistently late. He could be anywhere from half an hour to a couple hours late. How ever, you forgive him anyways because thats what Josh Does.

2. The one person at a party who takes care of you.
1. Sorry, I had to pull a Josh. I was busy texting this girl who wont ever go out with me.

2. Can you be a Josh and hold my hair back as I puke into this fishbowl?
by KSNIPE February 22, 2011
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