A place. Can be any place, doesn't have to be jail or a crack house.
"The joint", however, means the fucking slammer.
Delonte: "Ayyo nigga let's hit up dat science museum tomorrow."
Jameer: "Hell yeah dogg that joint is off da heezy fo' sheezy."
Delonte: "Yeah that joint sho' is better than THE joint."
by Nick D January 31, 2004
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a word that can mean anything based on the context;

"wear boxers so my joint can breathe"- biggie smalls
by Adam Friedman June 03, 2007
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In NYC in the 70's, the joint meant that something was very good or the best. It could be just about anything.

Ex. 1. Yo, did you see that movie last night?
Yeah, it was the joint.
2. I heard Parliament last night. Tear the Roof of the Sucker is definitely the joint.
3. This pizza is the joint!!~
by John D V May 27, 2006
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Referring To An Object,Person, Place, Ect...
Man dat joint was crazy......
He rockin dem joints....
We can all chill at my joint.....
by Tasha M January 09, 2006
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Look at thatjoint.
You see them joints she was wearing.
You heard that jointon the radio the other day.
by NONE March 05, 2005
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a word meaning anything you want it to mean based on the context of the sentence. takin place of the subject.
A: "yo i went to that joint yesterday"
B: "turn that joint off man"
c: "how come u aint turn ya joint in to the teacha...u gon fail."
by jazzy November 22, 2004
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