"Hey don't mess with him. He just did a nickel's worth in the joint."
by jako September 15, 2003
is your honey doing time in the joint right now?
by Anonymous January 14, 2002
a club, venue, weed cigarette, bar, house....
"lets rrrrrock this joint!!!" he yells
by the boy next door October 3, 2003
Connection between two bones.

The bones slide away with cartilages on each other in the articular case. The synovial liquid insures the lubricity.
Articular bands fix the articular case.

See second picture
For example: ARTICULATIO GENUS (lat.) - Knee joint.

Between Tibia (shin bone) and Femur (femur).
by kenny MD October 16, 2007
place at which two or more things are joined; point at which two bones fit together.
I fixed two pieces of wood together with a mitre joint.
by Una Corda June 9, 2004
a "marijuana cigerette" rolled using a rolling paper. Usually cost $2.
Hey homeboi, pass that fuckin' join
by D-FOES November 2, 2003
slang 1. any house, building or place 2. a Hollywood feature film with much rap in the musical score
When you come to my house, take your shoes off at the door so you don't get dirt all over the joint!

The film, "Clockers" is a "Spike Lee" joint.
by Jon64Bailey January 10, 2008