a word meaning anything you want it to mean based on the context of the sentence. takin place of the subject.
A: "yo i went to that joint yesterday"
B: "turn that joint off man"
c: "how come u aint turn ya joint in to the teacha...u gon fail."
by jazzy November 22, 2004
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A joint is a rolled smoking paper with weed or hasj in it.

A dutch joint is a joint rolled with long smoking paper, rolled backwards, (like in the sticky side on the outside, this way u leave a lot of paper unused wich u do not have to smoke, less chance for cancer, it also makes the joint taste better)
with a hard piece of thick paper (called a 'tip'), spiral or zigzag shaped, used as a filter at the end of the joint (where u take the hit from).
Usually filled with more tabacco then weed/hasj, to let it burn better and because very good weed is expensive in NL, but then again, dutch weed has 10x more THC then weed anywhere else in the world (especially USA, England, Thailand, etc)

All required materials for a 'dutch' joint can be acquired in every coffeeshop in the Netherlands (amsterdam has more then 150 coffeeshops)

Dude, U aint using a pipe to smoke that stuff, are u? Lemme roll a joint for yah man, I can roll inside out!

Could someone make a tip for my joint?
by Anonymous May 02, 2003
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According to Chris from Family Feud, something that gets passed around
Steve: OK Chris name something that gets passed around
Chris: A joint
by specialK1369 February 17, 2011
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can be anything really. used often in relation to music. a collection of things or articles.
lemme get them joints.
you copped them joints yet?
by joe dutch August 19, 2004
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