joint- sharing an account with someone else to maximise profits, especially on ROBLOX
a joint can go wrong sometimes

blueman scams witherus when they share accounts
by garbed duck June 17, 2016
hash rolled with baccy in a kingskin
"pass the joint"
"let's have a toke!"
by arn crew January 15, 2004
Bud rolled in a joint wrap, generally white. The rolls come in flavors, with peach being the best. The larger version is called a blunt (brown) and usually comes in a gram and sells for 10 bucks. Both are made from the small pieces of marijuana called shake. Shake accumulates in ones' stash when they break up the bud to pack in a bowl. It is too small to pack so joint and blunt wraps are used. Hash may be laced with it, as well as other drugs such as cocaine.
Dude light that joint up.
by DuRoss June 13, 2007
the equivalent of a year in jail. used originally in the New York New Jersey area.
1)"Yo my n***a shot that dude in the lot and he gotta do 10 joints for that."
by cmoneybags December 17, 2005
A Full House in Texas Hold Em'.
He went all in I called and he shows me a joint, Kings Full of Fours. (Flop) 2 4 K (turn) 4 (River) 10
by Doobiewan October 8, 2006
1)So let's get to the point let's roll another joint
Turn the radio loud I'm too alone to be proud
You don't know how it feels
You don't know how it be me
Tom Petty Sings the song about rolling a joint called 'You Dont Know How It Feels'.
by M*A*S*H January 11, 2005
Joints come in 2 main types:
- Hinge (allows movement back and forth)
- Ball and Socket (allows movement in all directions)
Both move can freely in their repective paths of movement, provided nothing gets in the way.

Joints are generally found in one of 2 instances: in the body, or in general (non-biological) terms.

1) An area at the end of 2 bones where muscle tissue connects to create a moveable part (biological joint). This could be a finger (hinge) or possibly a shoulder (ball and socket), among other things.

2) Any connection between 2 objects that allows movement. This could be found on a door's hinge (hinge) or a trailer hitch (ball and socket), and more.
1) The bullet got lodged in his shoulder joint

2) The rusty joints made a creaking sound
by IllTakePoint November 15, 2009