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Jof is a nicknbame used towards someone of the name of Jon, Jonathan, John or Johnathan.
by jof (hahaha) January 03, 2005
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Common acronym for "jiz on face," meaning to ejaculate (jiz) on one's face. No one has EVER described it as being a bad idea.
Guy: Man, I jof-ed her bigtime last night. Hell, it was even her idea!
Other Guy: Really??
Guy: No.
by Scrotex December 01, 2004
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Like a jif, only longer. Approximately 26.2 minutes. A marathon of minutes.
Earl: I have to shower and poop, brb in a jof
Depot: a full jof or a half jof?
Earl: full jof
by therearegonats October 15, 2007
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A type of man that has a fetish of little girls pants
Wow man he's such a Jof
by Jof3 July 04, 2017
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