1) Another word for cool, awesome, cute, or fantastic. Often followed by "like totally". Originating in Redding, California.

2) Basically saying "lets go"
1) Girl 1: Hey do you like my new dress?

Girl 2: Oh yeah! It's so jive!

Girl 1: Like totally!

2) Girl: Are we ever going to leave?

Guy: Fine. Lets jive.
by Jovie Bravo October 05, 2010
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Besides the 70-80's language from the movie Airplane....
To enjoy greatly.
"Man i could really jive a brew right about now."

See also jove;

To have enjoyed greatly.

I definately jove that party on the weekend."
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N. and v.
Slang for booze. This convenient word allows inconspicuous conversations about alcohol between adolescents.
Party-er 1: You jivin' tonight?
Party-er 2: Is the pope a catholic?

under-18: Hey man can you get me some jive?
18 yr old: Fo shiz
by choxo October 11, 2006
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this word means that you are very cool
"you aint jive..im jive..ima jive turkey!!"
by Julie!! July 21, 2004
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The Indestructible Beat of Soweto townships. If have not heard it then you dont know true music.

The of township jive blasted through the neoghbourhood streets
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Jive is a style of clothing and lifestyle. Jive style consist of Nike dunk sb, Nike dunk, Nike Blazer, LRG, Stussy, and hip-hop clothing. Jive clothing style can also consist of skinny jeans, boys as well. Jive boys/girl where thick rimmed glasses, bandanas, and fitted hats as accesories.Jive kids listen to non stop rap such as kanye west, pharelll, lil wayne, and lupe fiasco. It is a cross between gangsta/hood/ skater/scene.
Jive kids dont shop at the mall, they get EVERYTHING online
xx;omg did u see that kid tht had the dino jrs. and pink skinnies!?!?

oo:yeah and tht bandana hes wearing made hm lok so jive!

by zach goldstein December 01, 2007
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To give head; to orally please some one
Man, I speak jive. Do you understand it? I've been speaking it for a while, would you like to hear? *gives head*
by onemanlan September 23, 2004
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