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I jacked off to a skin flick last night. Just thought you should know.
by Dope Slanger September 27, 2006
Drug dealer. Dope = drugs, slanger = dealer.
Homie: "Raise up outta here, dope slanger!"

Dope Slanger: "I'll be back bitch-ass punk! You cant stop my serve, mark!"
by Dope Slanger December 5, 2005
Somebody who slings (sells) something, like drugs for instance. Also known as a slanger.
Homie: You the one slingin'?

Slinger: I'm on the way up with regular clients like you dawg!
by Dope Slanger December 1, 2006
Jive is a bad thing you fool. If you're talking some jive, it means you're talking bullshit. If somebody calls you a "jive turkey" you just got insulted.
Fool: "Ima jive turkey"

Me: "I believe you"
by Dope Slanger October 18, 2006
1 December 1940 - 10 December 2005

A brilliant comedian and actor who will be missed.
Richard Pryor's gone, but his spirit's living on and on...
by Dope Slanger October 18, 2006
Ripped off, cheated, treated most unfairly by people or even just by fate...

The story of Shark Island!
Shark Island were the biggest band in LA in the 80's, every band copied their style, their moves, everything. Axl Rose ripped off a lot of Richard Black's (Shark Island singer) moves and got famous with them. Yep, Shark Island got well and truly shafted!
by Dope Slanger August 24, 2006