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A modifier, often used in speech to separated thoughts; also used to indicate exitement
Jiggity-word-up fly yo dawg! I went down on this biatch and her shit was jiggity smelly!
by Colin Ahern October 20, 2002
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Those chewy hard bits that you find in your sausage/snag
Ew gross these bunnings snags are full of jiggity
by Brigglet May 19, 2018
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An expression for something ascew, messy, broken, poorly crafted, in dissaray or anything else the way it shouldn't be.
Did you see the table that Jerry made? That thing looks like a piece of crap! The corners arent square, there are nails sticking out of it.... it's all jiggity!

My MP3 player doesn't work anymore, I dropped it down the stairs and now it's jiggity.
by Brian A P June 18, 2008
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