I will be back in a jiff.
by Deanne August 21, 2003
Yo lets get some jiff
Yo i am madd jiffed up
I did so much jiff last night
by Yoshi EN!!!! February 25, 2009
The act of releasing a foul smelling fart.
As I lifted my leg to jiff, Erica's face turned green in disgust.
by Gach Zarfinkel January 30, 2005
to describe something that is getting on your nerves / becoming an annoyance
that yaya toure song is getting on my jiff.

the guy who keeps sniffing in lecture is getting on my jiff.
by northernmokey October 28, 2013
jiff is used to described something that is totally awesome
man last nite was jiff maaaann
by gioiastrangio May 7, 2008
To dance, To boogie, to get down
We were really jiffin' it last night.
by bearinsocks July 4, 2013
"Where did you get that can of pop?"
"I jiffed it from Zack's place."
by hailthemotherland March 7, 2015