Paige walked to the hospital because her big jiff started to hurt
by Mattybooboochild January 24, 2014
A term for someone who stuck their dick in a jar of Jif brand peanut butter.
"What did you do on saturday?"
"I dicked my Jif!"
"You are a Jiff-Dicker!!!!"
by bluesbro182 June 20, 2009
Frank needed to get off quick so he had Melissa give him a jiff job.
by Ismelt Abutt August 4, 2010
A poo with the consistancy of a type of peanut butter. A fairly rank bowel movement. Usually (but not always), follows a Jiff.
Man1: (fffrrrt)

Man2: "Dude! Did you Nutty Jiff yourself or what?!"
by MNateM January 29, 2008
God Nick is such a griff jiff, he finished so quickly
by B1ttleb1tch November 7, 2016
Ballsnotfoundwastaken. Prolly busy listening to Dr Phil x reader or writing creepypasta smut!
Jiff tha kiwwer (Jeff the killer)

"Who's that singing rap god in the distance?"

"Jiff tha kiwwer!!"
by StepNuts_ June 12, 2021
When you engage in anal sex and when you're done you pull out and find fecal matter on your penis.(Jiff as in the peanut butter.)
"Last night I was hitting the jiff jar on my girl."
by Mophis March 13, 2008