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Just For Fun. Something done just for the fun of it.
-Hey, guess what!
-I decided to go to work today jff!
by Maddie March 12, 2005
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"Don't worry about what the Professor will say, it's JFF anyway."
by aaccjjacj March 12, 2019
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1: wanna go to the movie?
2: Why?
1: JFF
2: Okey
by Elliken April 22, 2010
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Acronym for "Just Facebook Friends", similar to and playing off the term BFF but with a generally negative connotation. This applies to those people whom you rarely see in real life, but know everything about thanks to their frequent social network updates. Alternately used to downplay a relationship with a person you do not wish to be associated with publicly.

Alt. Form "J.F.F.F.L", pronounced "Jiffle", meaning "Just Facebook Friends For Life".
Steve: "I can't believe you hang out with Tricia!"
Nicole: "No way... we're JFFs."
by LawZombie December 18, 2011
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"just for fuck" the concept of doing something, just for the sole purpose of fucking.
"I think im going to get back together with her.." "why?" "JFF"
by theogbt October 27, 2011
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Just Fucking Fat

When overwhelmed with All the different porno and PC terms such as healthy, thick, meaty, beefy, plump, stout, pudgy, chubby,FUB, chob, zaftig, BBW, BFG, BBM, BHM VLW, ad nauseum; one finally realizes that these people are JFF.

Let's all say it together, "Just Fucking Fat."
BBW? Naw dawg, she's JFF.
by elmoloveftl October 13, 2011
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