A derogatory term meaning to haggle or bargain down the price.
jew down: He wanted $10 for the used LP record, but I jewed him down to $7.
by grappa1 August 7, 2007
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The act of trying to get a lower price on an item. You typically will do this in places like Tijuana and flea markets.
I am so sick of the Asians responding to my Craig's list ads and trying to jew down my price.
by Mayhoff March 23, 2007
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Another word for haggling
That whore on 9th and broad wanted 50 for a blowjob but I jewed down the bitch to 20 bucks
by Splunker August 1, 2014
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to try to get a lower price on something
Seller: This is the best I can do
Jew: come on cant you jew it down a bit?
by dboyfromdahood January 31, 2012
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Tyrone tried to Jew me down, I said I wanted $400 for the scooter brand new he came with only $325.
by Bandit Z3 May 22, 2016
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The act of a buyer negotiating a lower price for goods or services from a seller.
The car dealer wanted me to pay sticker price for my new car, but I successfully Jewed him down to a lower price.
by Maxwell July 18, 2004
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To barter with someone until you get want you want for much less than it costs in the first place.
mainly found at flea markets or spanish markets.
A: "the pig costs $10"
B: "I'll give you $5."
A: "$8"
B: "$7"
A: "$7.50"
B: "$6"
A: "Sold"
B Walks Away.
B: "I got my pig. Yeeeeeeah. See son, that's called 'Jewing Them Down'"
by Darth Brak November 28, 2007
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