19 definitions by dboyfromdahood

stands for All Niggered Up

usually refers to vehicles with 24+ inch rims, loud bumping stereo, etc.
that 75 caddy was cool until it got A.N.U.
by dboyfromdahood June 14, 2013
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to try to get a lower price on something
Seller: This is the best I can do
Jew: come on cant you jew it down a bit?
by dboyfromdahood January 31, 2012
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used to tell what would happen in a really bad situation
If my parents find out about the F on my math test, heads will roll
Keep your hands off my girl or heads will roll
by dboyfromdahood March 7, 2012
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A bunch of guys have a circle jerk around a plain donut, and they ejaculate on it. The guy that ejaculates last has to eat the now "glazed" donut.
Bob came last so that poor dude had to eat the glazed donut.
by dboyfromdahood February 18, 2013
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when you shit in a girl's mouth then bust a load in it and mix it up with your dick
Bob: Hey she's kinda pretty
Jim: Stay away from her, i heard she gave an ice cream swirl once, she's nasty!
by dboyfromdahood November 22, 2011
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what you say when something is not likely to happen, nearly impossible. the chance of a snowball surviving in hell
by dboyfromdahood February 25, 2012
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