Kirstie is an amazing girl who doubts herself too much. She is very kind, beautiful and loving. She is super funny and is always there for you. If you know a Kirstie hold on to them and never let them go, ever. They'll be a friend for life, so don't go ditching them.
OMG she's definitely a Kirstie!
by DefinitelyNotGelo February 25, 2016
Kirsty is a person of unparalleled brilliance and beauty. She lights up a room with her smile, and her presence is comforting, and strengthens all those around her. She has a great sense of humour and wit, and everything she says and does is done to perfection. She tends to be on the shy and modest side, but when she opens up, she is not only interesting, but kind and caring. When she smiles at you, you gain this sense of protection, ad you know that nothing can possibly go wrong. Her beauty shows not just outside, but inside as well. If you are ever lucky enough to befriend such a person, never let her go, because you will find that there is nothing that can even come close to matching her perfection. She is a marvel, and you will find that she will change you for the better. When you embrace a Kirsty, never before will you have felt so right, so cared for. Being with a Kirsty brings you nothing but happiness, and every moment away from her is agony. If you ever find yourself in love with a Kirsty, don’t be afraid to admit it, because it is the greatest feeling a person can experience :3
This girl is perfect, she must be a Kirsty...
by MyNameMeansDirt:) September 25, 2011
The best friend anyone could ever have. Great if for sharing tea with. Won’t ever break ur trust. You’ve won the lottery if ur friends with her.
Kirstie likes to call people meab
by LifeISaGAMEandIamCHEATING October 7, 2019
A girl who is nice, kind, funny, cute and herself. Who could ask for more? She'll always be there for you no matter what. She can be annoying, but so can anyone. Her absence irritates you. She's been through more than you can imagine, but when she's in your arms, she knows she's safe because she has you there to protect her.

But even as friends, she's perfect. She will ditch even a boyfriend that tries to mess with you. You could be in love with her and watch her with another guy, but as long as she's happy, you're happy. All in all, she's the kinda girl that makes you feel you haven't lived until you meet her.
When I saw Kirsti, my heart stopped.
by YourDreamGirl October 29, 2013
The greatest friend you could ever have she is always nice to you can is great to share tea with. She is the best friend anyone could ever have. She is the most trustworthy person alive. She is funny and gives the best advice.
by LifeISaGAMEandIamCHEATING October 27, 2019
Kirsty (kə sti )


A Kirsty is a person whose intense beauty is paralleled only by her extreme clumsiness. With her blonde hair, blue eyes and facial features reminiscent of Aphrodite, a Kirsty can often be found battling her way through swarms of admirers wherever she goes.

To compensate for her unearthly beauty a Kirsty is afflicted with an extreme clumsiness not seen in a person of any other name. It is so rare to find a Kirsty without an injury or bruise that only two occurrences are documented in human history. Insurance companies claim that surges in policy premiums during the 1990’s were due to an unexpected increase of Kirsty births.

Unfortunately, the effects of a Kirsty’s clumsiness sometimes cause issues for others. You will often see the friends and family of a Kirsty with injuries and bruising as a result of getting too close. Releasing a bull in a china shop is preferable to being in the vicinity of a Kirsty carrying out her daily life.
Person One: "Who's that beautiful girl who just tripped over her own feet?"
Person Two: "Oh, that's Kirsty"
by LexiconDoctor March 30, 2016
Kirsty is smart beautiful and knows how to have fun, but gets confused by difficult situations, she loves to dance,read and cwtch when the time is right, she dislikes public affections but if she likes you enough you might be lucky to get a kiss, she smells awesome all the time and you can't but help smell the pillow after shes gone.
Kirsty does the best cwtches they are awesome !!!!
by H.R The one and only April 29, 2012