"Well, when I get those jellyroll blues/ Why, I'd go and get any thing in this world for you..."

--The Grateful Dead, Dupree's Diamond Blues
by Pink January 31, 2004
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Old blues song: "Jelly roll, jelly roll, sittin' on a fence / If you doan get some you ain't got no sense / Just wild bout my jelly / My sweet jelly roll." (NOT composed by Jelly Roll
by Jesfine September 2, 2003
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Located on the belly of an obese human, usually lays upon another "jelly roll" to create a crevice and very unattractive look.
by Anonymous January 31, 2003
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When you carry a roll of $1 or other small denomination bills and put a $100 or other large denomination bill on top of it to make yourself appear much wealthier.
You think he's loaded? All he's got is a jelly roll.
by Jack February 17, 2005
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This is what happens when a woman's bra is too tight for her chest, so all her extra backfat gets pushed above and below the band of her bra (similar to muffin top).
Her bra was so tight, she had a jelly roll.
by Pax M June 24, 2007
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Right before a man is about to cum and he punches his partner in the face and then cums on their face. He then smears the blood and cum all over the partner's face.
Her face still hurts from the jelly roll she got from her boyfriend last night.
by M. Rod July 21, 2006
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a breast that has a silicone implant
she's hot but she got jelly rolls.
by sick December 16, 2003
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