When a girls giving you head and you feel that she just cant seem to get the job done, and your dick is almost going limp, you just pull it out and slap her right in the nose with your cock making her nose bleed.
A girl was giving me head in my friends bathroom and was just horrible at sucking dick. My dick was almost limp so i decided to pull my cock out of her mouth and slap her in the nose with it making her nose bleed. She then jumped off her knees in shock, and i said calmly to her, you just got "The DuPree" bitch.
by hippopotamus9 October 20, 2009
Dupree is an amazing brother who is always there if you need someone to talk to he is very funny and very nice he is also good at 2k and gta
Dupree is a goat :ikr
by TheRealestOne456 September 7, 2020
1. A couple's close friend who's annoying, clingy, and is always in the way.
- "You're such a dupree around me and my girlfriend/boyfriend!"
- You, Me and Dupree (2006)
by pynkee July 24, 2006
In the movie "You, Me & Dupree", Dupree pulled off the Dupree in one of Carl's socks.
by MOCO & P-Phat May 29, 2010
Someone who shows up at your house and/or apartment without a place to stay or a time frame for leaving. Said person, then proceeds to live rent free off yourself and your friends until he/she is finally kicked to the curb or forced upon random acquaintances. They then become someone else's "dupree." Said dupree, also is angered by the hosts refusal to party all hours and or show them a good time.
Gabriel showed up on our futon last week with no money, job or intention of finding another apartment. She is such a dupree.
by JGPC December 12, 2007
He is a tall, athletic, darkskin, smart, and funny boy who is an amazing talker if you ever have a problem talk to Dupree he will help you with a lot of things so be grateful that you have one there’s only a few out there.
Me: hey Dupree helped my learn how to play 2k now I’m a goat like he is. Friend: I know right Dupree is the bomb We love you Dupree
by TheRealestOne456 September 7, 2020
a bitch who always wants to start shit with people, rude as fuck,mean,but is really pretty
man aliyah is hot but she's kinda acting like a dupree
by zetjrjyry April 22, 2017