The act of giving oral sex to a menstruating woman and then spitting the blood into her mouth.
no example necessary for jelly roll.
by luckyfox May 16, 2006
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she was ready to fuck, but he couldonly manage a jelly roll.
by pappapittmudman February 4, 2004
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A sexual act, normally performed in prison by men, where one man applies and then licks jelly out of another man's ass.
by Anonymous August 30, 2003
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When you punch your ol lady in the mouth and then she gives you a blow job with her fat bloody lips.
I got me a good jelly roll from the ol lady. Then she applied peroxide to her lips.
by dle316 March 25, 2006
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To be tricked into clicking a link leading to a photo of an obese female.
Send any photos of Rita MacNeil under an inconspicuous filename...

"You got jelly rolled!"
by Benju March 26, 2008
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