Another word for vagina.
Can also be used to describe a friend's anatomy that rarely gets laid.
It's been so long for Tara her crevice is starting to rot.

Is that smell coming from your crevice?
by viscious_tart March 29, 2005
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The crack of the arse.
Dude! pull up your pants, I can see your crevice! And it's vile!
by Vegas_Malone March 5, 2008
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Collective noun used in conjunction with builders and other manual labourers whose pants are gravitationally challenged.
A crevice of builders.
by RichAustPaulJohn June 18, 2006
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a place that you tend to slip into once you've engaged yourself in some marijuana usage.

a place in the couch that your body fits perfectly in.

when you finally settle and get comfortable.
"dude, get out of the crevice!"

stoner#1: "hit this bowl man"
stoner#2: "nah man, i'm already in the crevice!"

"everytime i get high some how i find myself in the crevice!"
by Monica Bonica May 10, 2006
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that annoying part of the crotch in between your ballsack and your thigh, situated above your gooch. it's a pain in the ass to itch.
Mark's crevice was itchy, so he got Suzy to scratch it for it.
by titty b. mcgiantjuggs August 24, 2007
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The act of droping weed or more specifically a blunt in one of the crevice's in a car. this is followed by everyone using phone lights to find it and the crevicee being called an asshole
jeff just creviced the blunt, he is such an asshole
by 12/24/11 January 1, 2012
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