Short for "Jack's tears", an online joke about how often Jack Shephard cries on ABC's LOST television program. Fandom bloggers recap episodes according to a Jears-O-Meter and create macros about Jack's emotional instability.
Ack-Attack: "Matthew Fox needs lessons from Jeffrey Dean Morgan on how to cry like a man! *jears*"

"It was like 80 degrees with a 100% chance of JEARSTORMS!!!!"

Painting big blue teardrops on Jack's photos with MS Paint.
by Coell CMU August 29, 2007
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Before I found out the stripper was a man, my jear was bulging through my jeans.
by Punknn March 4, 2010
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When your so excited and happy you get pre-cum and cry a bit.
When friends shout you a night out or food and your soo happy that you get wet in the undies you say I'm jearing up .
by Harris96 March 22, 2016
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The coolest bitchboy, who loves to kiss pussies and to give hickeys.
You can't be a Jear.
by heck-girl December 1, 2019
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A jeare is a perfect guy he is handsome and has a big penis he can not fit condoms any more !
Damn look at jeare huge penis !
Should I suck jeares penis ?
I want jeare In the bed !
by Mrs. big dick March 14, 2017
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A frase used by Brandon Faris. It is hard for autocorrect to not change jear to hear or near.
Jear desus! That lamp hasn't been knocked over today...
by Me, the person writing this November 12, 2019
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A phrase used by Brandon Farris and commonly adopted by the Dooders.
Jear Desus Kelly has fainted again.
by emzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz October 9, 2020
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