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Usually a Jack of all trades.

Could be the spokes person for dos equis.

Funny, thoughtful, and perceptive. Privilege to know.

Reserved personality.

He's not arrogant or condescending, but his existence alone can make insecure men come on this website and write things about him because they're tired of their girlfriends asking about him.

Best boyfriend you'll ever have.

Usually comes with a flock of psycho exs that cannot let go, but hes worth it.
Faris is the kind of guy who will actually wish you the best after you stab him in the back.
by Nuthin but the truth November 16, 2018
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A man who is perfect in character . Also is a professional footballer if this name are giving to male. Smart and handsome guy . Most girls are attracted to him because he has a trait of manhood inside him. He is a kind person and easy to get along with any person. Never give up when in trouble. Has a unique feeling in a world where most of people do not have it. Suffice it to nature makes him the most perfect man in the world..!
Faris is awesome!!!
by Claudious domonic January 07, 2017
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Arabic for Knight or Cavellier.
Faris raised his lance and charged into the midst of the Fray
by Faris Fahim August 30, 2006
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One of the ancient Mediterraneans' gods, most known by the Greek version of his name, φαΡρις. People named after him tend to have a near flawless personality, coupled with an air of superior intelligence. Those people are usually of a one-of-a-kind character, extraordinarily wonderful and enchanting to be around with.
"Have you met Faris yet? He is such an amazing person to talk to; he knows just what do and say at exactly the right moments."
by Xaelos April 28, 2010
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Looks so sexy and will have the hottest girlfriend ever.
Faris come help me . Sure baby
by NinjasFlier March 18, 2019
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