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A man who is perfect in character . Also is a professional footballer if this name are giving to male. Smart and handsome guy . Most girls are attracted to him because he has a trait of manhood inside him. He is a kind person and easy to get along with any person. Never give up when in trouble. Has a unique feeling in a world where most of people do not have it. Suffice it to nature makes him the most perfect man in the world..!
Faris is awesome!!!
by Claudious domonic January 07, 2017
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One of the ancient Mediterraneans' gods, most known by the Greek version of his name, φαερις. People named after him tend to have a near flawless personality, coupled with an air of superior intelligence. Those people are usually of a one-of-a-kind character, extraordinarily wonderful and enchanting to be around with.
"Have you met Faris yet? He is such an amazing person to talk to; he knows just what do and say at exactly the right moments."
by Xaelos April 28, 2010
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Ancient Greek for "player." Although player was meant as someone who excels at sports and games, many people named Faris are also players with girls.
Dude, I wish I could be like Faris. He's such a player with the ladies, and he's good at like every single sport.
by vootylicious November 29, 2011
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Mostly Korean , likes to brag of property but is friendly
That faris is a well known businessman
by Naluppu Gurram December 25, 2016
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