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Short for "Jack's tears", an online joke about how often Jack Shephard cries on ABC's LOST television program. Fandom bloggers recap episodes according to a Jears-O-Meter and create macros about Jack's emotional instability.
Ack-Attack: "Matthew Fox needs lessons from Jeffrey Dean Morgan on how to cry like a man! *jears*"

"It was like 80 degrees with a 100% chance of JEARSTORMS!!!!"

Painting big blue teardrops on Jack's photos with MS Paint.
by Coell CMU August 29, 2007

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A promise made between two people, more common among young people or children, sealed by shaking hands -- except only with pinkie fingers. The idea is that if the deal is broken, the culprit will lose his or her pinkie finger.

The pinkie or pinky finger is the smallest, or farthest from the thumb. Also spelled pinky swear.
"I swear I won't tell anyone!"
"Do you pinkie swear?" (holds out pinkie finger)
"Pinkie swear." (hooks pinkies together and shakes)
by Coell CMU October 24, 2007

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Watching hot men with nice muscles, like in the Diet Coke commercial where office women use their time on break to look out the window onto the construction workers.
Oh man, he was a total Diet Coke commercial, I just stood there and stared at his abs. I want to lick that little spot above his hip.
by Coell CMU February 11, 2007

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