I tried seeing if Abby would play with me, but she’s a shit and didn’t text me back
by dddevan March 1, 2018
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When somebody tries to change your answer or manipulate you.
Person 1: I’ll give you $5 instead of $10.
Person 2: We had a deal so don’t try and play me.
by TalyaRod April 29, 2019
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The speech that comes about 6 months into a dating relationship, where the woman (usually) asks if the relationship will be leading to marriage, and if it isn't, let her find a less commitment phobic suitor. Very similar to a star athlete who is riding the bench asking his manager to "Play me here or trade me to a team that will."
"How are things going with the new girl??"

"Not good, she gave me the Play me or Trade me speech last weekend..."

"After two months of dating?? That is harsh.."
by IrishMike February 22, 2008
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Usually when a star athlete is benched for a period, they come out to the media and ask the Coach to play me or trade me, meaning get me on the field or let me go somewhere else and play. When you have been dating a woman for about six months, (or six weeks, in some cases), she may ask you where this relationship is going, ie either play me (marry me) or let me find someone else that will (trade me)
"How are things going with Sue??" "well, she gave me the "Play me or Trade me" speech last night, because we have been dating for a year and haven't mentioned getting married"

"Bummer, I feel for you..."
by Irish Mike 2006 October 10, 2007
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To cross someone in an unsuspecting manner; con; double cross; show off
Keisha tried to play me fifty by acting like I was the one who started the rumor about Tiffany.
by Luva November 1, 2006
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