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People who usually think, "I suck. Life sucks. Time to cut my wrist," or something to that matter. They are usually cast away by society, and people look down upon them.
Cho Seung Hil, the Virgina Tech shooter was an emo
by LagunaBolt May 18, 2007

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A notebook, that is used to kill people. Only a few posses them. Current owners as of now are: Light Yagami, who is basically a nerd that somehow excels at sports and gets all the ladies, Misa Amane, a stupid star that wants to get some from Light, Mikami Teru, a nerd that got beat up in school and now wants revenge.
Mikami used the death note to kill Hilary Duff, who rejected Mikami when he asked her out
by LagunaBolt June 08, 2007

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A type of Asian. Their diet consits of rice and raw fish called sushi. Dolphins are an example. They are the one that makes everyday anime. Some of those anime are turned to hentai, which is basically cartoon porn. Many games come from thse people as well. Japanese of these have problems with fabricating history, mostly with the one having to do with World War 2.
Hanzo Hattori: What's your favorite sushi?
Ayumi Hamasaki: Dolphins.

Nobunaga Oda: Wanna watch anime with me?
Osaska: Depends, is it hentai?

MacArthur: Hey dude, remember Pearl Harbor?
Shinto: Oh yeah. the one where those Vietnamese people pretended to be us Japanese and attacked you that started World War 3?
by LagunaBolt May 18, 2007

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