The race that all Asian tourists are assumed to be when they visit Europe.
Italian illegal iimmigrants to all passing Asians in Rome: "Konichiwa! Japanese? Yes?"
by Kvi November 21, 2007
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1. An overrated race of Asia, in which now in modern days have anime which creates wannabes.

2.The most highly looked at race in Asia, by the outsiders. Which causes people to neglect other Asian countries such as Korea and China.

3. Have a lot of shared characteristics within their culture with Koreans and Chinese people.

4. These traditions are put into their anime, and the world automatically thinks that anything that seems modern, fancy, or cool is Japanese.

5. Have proved to the world that a country, which AT ONE POINT ate dogs (Some provinces of China, and some Korean cities... honestly.... these people were starving.... give these guys a break man) are WORSE than countries that at one point killed people in great numbers and raped the women of a country. (Look it up)

6. Anything that is made in Japan, and is believed by many to be reliable, advanced, and up to date.

7. A pretty good looking country which many wannabes wish to live at. Buildings are pretty much the same as Korean buildings. Temples at Japan are strikingly similar to Chinese and Korean temples. BUT more people know Japan for having those buildings.

8. Known for blaming their ancestors, and having wannabes blame their ancestors too.

9. Experienced the first atomic bomb directly. They say that there are other ways ending the war, with less casualties. (This is possible if you don't consider the Korean people and Chinese people which they would be constantly killing.)
(I'm half Korean half Chinese. When i say me i refer to these 2 races)
4. Guy: what kind of food do you Chinese people eat? (notice... s/he doesn't even care much about race... it's either you're Japanese, or someone else. All other Asians are just "Chinese"

Me: (I eat ramen, started in China. Look it up.) Ramen

Random Person: Isn't that Japanese?

Me: Ramen was started in China a while ago believe it or not, the way ramen is pronounced is very similar to its original Chinese form, la mian, so I myself call the dish Chinese.

Random Person: The Japanese people probably modernized it and made it better. They should be called different foods.

Me: The style in which it is made hasn't changed at all.

Random Person: (They still won't accept my answer) Come on man just tell me a food that you eat that is ORIGINALLY Chinese.

Me: (saying my food isn't Chinese is insulting enough, so i walk away now)

5. Girl: I hate you stupid (gooks/chinks) how could you guys eat dogs... why can't you guys be a more civilized race like the Japanese?? (Blah blah blah)

Me: *sigh*We don't do that anymore. Notice how this girl just randomly believes that we still eat dogs, yet she doesn't think that Japanese people still slaughter Chinese or Korean people.

Girl: I don't care, I can't believe your people even did that once at one time.

I myself have actually been in all the conversations which are shown above.
by Rambling Fool November 03, 2009
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the BEST ethnicity around!!! speaking as an indian american, if you go to japanese stores the food is good, and they think of every little thing. like the bean cakes have their own knife and little chopsticks!! and very innovative, too. great fashion, nice music, manga, video games, yogurt,and more!!!! whats not to like??
guy 1: mmmmm this is the best frozen yogurt ever, mmmm sugary and with unique, innovative toppings!
guy 2: its japanese, idiot, what do you expect?
guy 1: i am smitten by the japanese people, especcially their food. (even if im vegetarian!!)
by mmm yoghurt January 04, 2009
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the state of considering oneself nihonjin, a person of the empire of the red sun, or the language, nihongo日本語, tongue and pen of the red lighted kingdom below.
Nihon, or, Nippon, is the Japanese word for japan and all its brought about chains of colonies and kingdoms descended from conquerors and immigrants dating back some millions of years, or thousands, according to western references descended from European book burners and historical thieves and counterfeiters, as the Japanese would say, for using their OWN historical archives, and storytellers. The idea that a million million authors like the ref., 'greek, Homer' would not be credited by Japanese people, is unheard of, or mocked or responded to violently and vehemently, by these said japanese historians and scholars.
"To speak Japanese, nihongo, one must forget the use of one set of dictionary definitions, and learn to read and listen in kanji ideals, likening to the fact that one word, in the course of others, beside it, can paint infinite definitions, for its use not alone, but often well associated with olde japanese poems and ideals."
"The Japanese people, nihonjin, have long believed themselves to be the really, really, really interesting counterparts to everybody else's idea of broken languages, for in theirs will repair yours, quite readily, and many and more japanese people believe this to be true, always, for their languages have existed for untold, by some, but existed for millenia uncounted for countless ages, outside any modern calendar"
by Setsuko Kaguya September 30, 2016
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1. The language I decided to study in college.

2. A fun language to learn.

It is made up of 3 alphabets. Hiragana, 46 symbols which each represent a different sound; Katakana, 46 different symbols which represent the exact same sounds as hiragana; and Kanji, thousands of symbols which represent entire words or ideas.

Japanese written using the english alphabet is called romaji.
Takeshi-san no senmon wa nihongo desu ka?

Ee, soo desu.

Is Japanese Takeshi's major?

Yes, that's right.
by Musicrazzi September 30, 2005
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annoying asian people who ALWAYS -- and i mean ALWAYS pose with the stupid peace signs in photos. Even when they're stuffing their mouths full with sushi.
Tourist: Hey, can I take a picture with you?
Japanese person: Sure! *peace sign*
by fgtjaissiisisisisisuerrgg4 March 20, 2009
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code word for when your on your period, cuz the flag has a red spot in the middle
"Hey, why arent you going swimming!"
"Cuz im japanese"
"O otaaaay"
by CirQueFreak78 April 23, 2011
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