1. (adj.) Something created or used in an unconventional or unattractive fashion.

If something has been fixed without proper tools, one could describe this as being repaired in a "jack way".

Ex. "Jack duct taped his ps4 controller back together after he broke it! It looks so jank."

Synonyms: Jacked up, Jacked, ghetto.

2. (adj.) Something which smells foul could be described as jank.

Ex. "Jack smells hella jank. Did he fall in a honey bucket or something?"

Synonyms: Stinky, skanky, putrid, smelly, foul odor.
"Jack, your controller looks hella jank. Did you have to use duct tape!?"
by Ayeeeeeeeeee October 14, 2014
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Adj. - Cheesy and low-budget, bad quality, typically associated with films.
We rented a really jank movie last night. We turned it off because it was so bad.
by Dan July 24, 2003
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a synonym for "junk."
That car's jank!

translates to:

That car looks like a piece of junk!
by Starlet1821 October 07, 2006
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Stop janking my mama! And, don't you jank my daddy, either?
by Netti Byrd January 25, 2003
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A word used in any way shape or form to describe anything.
I got real janked after the jankity game. So I found myself Janking this broad, until she told me to jank it in her ass. Damn how jank was that?
I said "jank but no janks"
by Shafedog November 24, 2003
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Pretty much whatever you wanna use it as.

Life in General
"Hey Jack are you brining the jank to the party tonight?"

"Whats up with that jank?!"

"What type of jank is up with you?"
by Jenizzle Fo shizzle February 15, 2009
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