Negative. "Jank" Crappy, shitty, stupid, etc.
"Get that Jank-ass shit outta here!"
"Take yourself and your jank bot outta this room."
by Aquila December 20, 2003
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janks is a noun and an adjective. you can use it when you are at a loss of words. example: "Hey man.. let me get that janks."
"Hey man.. let me get that janks."
by Bob December 12, 2004
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The pop music sub-genre known as Jank music, or "a guitar melting pot of genres to make one.”
β€œSelect subgeneres of pop such as the guitar-driven "Jank" subgenre have consciously reversed the trend toward homogenization by combining elements from world and classical music into more traditional pop structures.”
by celaur December 19, 2016
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colloquial slang equivalent to "and stuff" when added to the end of a sentence.
I had to go to work, the post office, the banks, and janks. I was busy.
by anne June 23, 2004
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An offensive, derogatory slur for Americans, created by the British back during the American revolution. Since then the term has softened in to the word Yank and Yankee, a far less insulting word sometimes even used as a term of endearment by the British. Jank today is hardly used as a way to insult Americans and has spawned a new meaning, often referring to a useless, worthless, or crappy piece of junk.
'Jank's are so dirty, a white feather would make their outfit look fancy.'

β€˜This VHS player is totally janked. It won’t even turn on!’
by SatansCute April 24, 2020
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An fustian expression used to describe anything and everything. Can be substitued for an entire vocabulary.
That chicks got a jank ass.
That janks got a jakity jank.
That shit is JANK.
Yo Bitch! Hand over the jank before I jank your ass.
by Goo December 02, 2003
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A slang word used for "disgusting." Mainly used in places down South or South East England to describe things or people they don't like.
This little girl was sick all up the road the other day, it was jank.

I don't like that boy at all, he's jank!
by sexychickenballs August 18, 2015
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