-An ambiguous word that can be used in both a good sense and bad.

-A filler word
-Derived from the word "jank."
"Wow that shirt he's wearing is hecka janks!" <- good 'janks'
"She's the jankest person ever..." < - bad.
by JenCamSim December 05, 2009
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janks is a noun and an adjective. you can use it when you are at a loss of words. example: "Hey man.. let me get that janks."
"Hey man.. let me get that janks."
by Bob December 12, 2004
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Negative. "Jank" Crappy, shitty, stupid, etc.
"Get that Jank-ass shit outta here!"
"Take yourself and your jank bot outta this room."
by Aquila December 20, 2003
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colloquial slang equivalent to "and stuff" when added to the end of a sentence.
I had to go to work, the post office, the banks, and janks. I was busy.
by anne June 23, 2004
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An fustian expression used to describe anything and everything. Can be substitued for an entire vocabulary.
That chicks got a jank ass.
That janks got a jakity jank.
That shit is JANK.
Yo Bitch! Hand over the jank before I jank your ass.
by Goo December 02, 2003
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jank=something screwed up or messed with
janken=something great or fun
jank my lank= anything you want really
janked=stollen or taken

all these can also simply be expressions of any feeling. its truly a great word and its fun to say!
this is jank.
i'm having a janken time at this party jim!
oh jank my lank.
my pencil pouch got janked away by a napper!
by butter and nutter May 14, 2011
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