(nom) Un sous-genre de la musique pop qui met l’accent sur la guitare, combinant plusieurs éléments musicaux en un.
“Certains sous-genres de la musique pop comme le sous-genre “Jank”, qui met l’accent sur la guitare, ont consciemment inversé la tendance vers l’homogénéisation en combinant des éléments de musique classique et musique du monde dans des structures plus traditionnelles de musique pop.”

De la page Wikipedia sur la Musique Pop

Du journal Daily Herald:

Le sous-genre de musique pop connu sous le nom de musique Jank, ou “un melting pot de genres à la guitare”.
by celaur July 24, 2016
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jank=something screwed up or messed with
janken=something great or fun
jank my lank= anything you want really
janked=stollen or taken

all these can also simply be expressions of any feeling. its truly a great word and its fun to say!
this is jank.
i'm having a janken time at this party jim!
oh jank my lank.
my pencil pouch got janked away by a napper!
by butter and nutter May 14, 2011
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(fr. "Japanese" + "Yank") A young leftist American, usually male (but can also be any Westerner of either gender), who travels to Japan for the express purpose of shallow cultural dabbling, inflation of self-worth, and the search for a supposed sexual haven; teaches conversational English because he/she has no other marketable skills.
This morning the train station in Nagoya was crawling with Janks on a summer exchange program.
by The 2-Belo May 07, 2003
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Wack, Messed up, Bullshit, unfair.
Terrorist: Haha, I bombed your country.
American Citizen: That shit is Jank.
by ShesthatRideordiechick February 23, 2009
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Any noun
"Look at the size of his jank."
"Mah baby's jank smells like butterscotch, yo!!!"
"This shit's so funny, I'm 'bout to piss in mah janks."
by David DiMatteo June 30, 2003
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An action or motion that combines the devastating kinetic forces of simultaneous jerking and yanking to a vital audio cable or cord, almost exclusively a 3.5mm audio signal cable connected to a personal audio listening or communication device, or a stereo input jack - detrimentally affecting its performance and is usually a total loss of all audio functionality for the hapless user. Often, loss of self control or irrationality immediately take place; and commonly, self-blame, self-abuse, blood-letting sex rituals, or even long-term insanity can follow in the wake of these unsettling incidents. Usually, janking occurs accidentally by the user themselves or by the extreme carelessness (or abuse) by other people or misuse of their property. A truly modern epidemic that knows no bounds and does not descriminate against age, race, spiritual beliefs, time, lifestyle, sexuality, location, hygiene, physics, uncertainty principles, or moral codes; even Karma appears to have no connection to this anomaly. These actions tragically result in the potential total loss of millions of wired headphones and headsets across the globe each year. It strikes with no warning or predictor. Saddest of all, the victims are left to cope without the usage of these millions of perfectly decent working everyday headphones - rendered useless and are lost in an instant.
*DirtyDick: Hello? Why are you calling my phone now dude.... !?
*Loves2Splooge: Oh my FUCKING god, well my stupid bitch girlfriend just walked by and accidentally fucking JANKED my headset right off my head... and now it’s fucked man..! I can’t hear OR talk to you guys now. She said she didn’t even notice my cord at all and said it’s not her fault for janking it because she didn’t even see it, and that they ought to be jank-proof by this day and age! My $220 headset is tits, I’m done for the night?
by FenixRisen December 14, 2018
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(verb)- 1. To jank means to take something that does not belong to you. Usually the offender is sketchy due to a meth binge.
"Don't jank anything from my house while I am gone!"
by Lucky Boy August 05, 2007
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