derived from janky, to describe something as sub-par, poor quality, etc.
Man, that pop quiz today was some jank-ass shit!
by choad June 21, 2003
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a typical mofo (some one who takes pleasure in screwing moms or someone who thinks theyre "all that"), but unnecessarily redundant and a complete train-wreck
often used to express some form of anger towards another person
Did you see what that jank-ass mofo did?? He gave me a f***ing F on my homework!
by angie gonzalez December 19, 2009
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A ballsack cocksucker thot that deserves to be shitted on for thoting and such. Commonly used by the god thot destroyer intelligence cock Will Smith to take down incoming thots fart stank shitty asshole and prowess. I shit on my balls and now they are burning from the immense heat of my shit.
Damn, that girl Belle Delphine is such a Jank Ass Joker. She deserves to be ball tortured by the royal house of cock ballers or maybe the IRS too. Will Smith should eat her balls with his supreme ball torturing technique.
by King O'Ballsack October 30, 2019
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