the last hit of a cigarette (or the last of anything for that matter). comes from the plight of those incarcerated in jail and how desperate they are for a square - sometimes picking one up off the ground if they see it has even the slightest amount of tobacco left.
"i'm trying to quit smoking, could i just hit the jailhouse off your cig?"

"damn that toblerone looks good as hell, can i take the jailhouse off that?"

"before you cache that bowl, lemme try and hit the jailhouse."
by chaz boyle September 24, 2006
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a term for a secretly-homosexual person who has already been looked down on, hated, or disliked for his views, opinions, or actions by people around him (thus he has been "put in jail") and is in a situation in which if he admits he is a homosexual, he will be or is afraid he will be hated or be treated even worse he is treated or despised now.
Mustapha al-Khalil (fictional person) is a 27 year old Saudi Arabia author/activist. Though loved by a few, he is well hated by many, especially his own Saudi countrymen, for his opinions concerning the role of Islam in Saudi Arabian and other Middle eastern societies (He believes that, ideally, Islam should have little if NO role in public society and if religion be desired, people should be educated about the beliefs and existence of other faiths with the freedom to choose and practice.), relationship of Arab nations with Israel (He believes that his nation of Saudi Arabia should have diplomatic relations with Israel.)and hates the Islamic customs in which women wear the hejab/burka/abayas. (He thinks that these religious customs in particular are unnecessary and just plain wrong for women. He hated the fact that his mother and sisters wore this.) so, again, he is well hated in Saudi Arabia, the Arab world and by Muslims all around the world. Another thing about Mustapha is that he is sexually attracted to young men like himself and he knows it, but he refuses to come out about his sexuality. Mustapha is not in the closet. Mustapha is in the jailhouse.
by pluto-planet February 13, 2009
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In lieu of pockets or a functional billfold or wallet, the use of one's anus as a recepticle for storing important items. Mainly implemented by members of penal colonies.
Q: "Hey brah, how did you get all of those Zebra cakes in past the guards?"
A: "Um, duh, I just stuck'em in my jailhouse wallet, next to the Swedish Fish and the Choco Tacos. The Choco Tacos are a bit melty, but damn are they exquisite!"


Q: "Listen, broheim, how can I get a copy of the new season of Entourage up in this joint?"
A: "Yo, you should talk to Todd, that guy has the 'George Costanza' of jailhouse wallets."
by Comander Cool March 12, 2007
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Originating from Brown County Jails, WI, a jailhouse burrito consists of canteen items such as Chili Ramen noodles, flaming hot Cheetos, Jalapeño Crunchers, Ranch Doritos, and sometimes other chips, along with mayo or sour cream to alter the flavor, all wrapped in a tortilla. Considered a truly cultural dish in your local jail.
It's Thursday night! Let's cook up some jailhouse burritos
by boss tweed July 20, 2015
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Jello made by inmates in the jailhouse kitchen to be consumed by inmates at the food line. While the jello is still in the kitchen, not too firm yet also warm, an inmate has sex with it, then smooths over the damage Once cooled, the jello tray is taken to the food line.
Don't eat the gelatin in prison. It could be jailhouse jello.
by Victor Vocab November 29, 2012
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1. A prison inmate who, despite having no legal education, studies law and argues for the rights of other inmates.

2. A lawyer who throws out any and all arguments, even blatantly wrong ones, for his client.
His lawyer said the defendant must have been the victim of a CIA mind-control experiment -- now that was a jailhouse lawyer argument.
by O.W. Holmes Jr., III January 21, 2009
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Jailhouse Gay (also known as Nerdgay), is an alarming and amusing phenomenon whereby straight degenerate (male) geeks far too unattractive to ever be allowed to have sex with a actual woman have sex with each other. It's most common in circles where there are little or no women and little or no choice.
"I think Eric has gone Jailhouse Gay."
by Arskangel February 03, 2004
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