a condition or situation,especially a sad or dangerous one
by Anonymous September 22, 2003
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Slang term for Bud Light Platinum. Where Bud Light is Blight, something that causes harm or damage, Plight leads to a dangerous, difficult or otherwise unfortunate situation.
I drank a twelve pack of Plight and woke up on the bathroom floor of a Denny's in a pool my own urine.
by Woody LaJonze February 6, 2014
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A woman who is struggling to keep afloat in her arranged marriage with an older man. Her only outlet in reaching LOW KEY attention is through the constant changing of her WhatsApp profile photo - in the hope of miraculously being noticed and rescued by a new suitor.
Plight examples to follow ...
by MOC Life - spread the word! April 24, 2019
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Brian's Plight: When a person lowers themselves to extreme desperate measures, simply to sound "in the right," usually resulting in non-sensical jibber jabber.
Person A: "Lately, Person B has been acting up lately. He must have Parkisons disease"
Person B "That makes no fucking sense - That sounds like Brian's Plight!"
by Jackie643 December 7, 2006
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what happens when two people in a bad situation compare plights in an attempt to outdo each other........often at large gatherings intended for celebration
Trey: Hey bro, mom and grandpa have been in there talking for three hours! What's going on?

Mike: Dude, they're just having another plight war....

Trey: Lame

Mike: Uberlame
by Choir girl December 1, 2008
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A book wrote by an incredible scholar that holds the secret to eternal life.

you can find it on Amazon.........this is totally desperation marketing
Bret:Man have you read plight of a people
Cody:Yes I had the power of God after ,wud r8 10/10 m8
by cockgubbler69 October 22, 2018
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This is a response to the dilemma of having to choose between Bud Light or Blight, and Bud Light Platinum or Plight. Like the fight-or-flight response, the blight-or-plight response is a physiologic reaction to a perceived harmful event, attack, or threat to survival. After the initial shock due to a systematic increase in adrenaline, the response results in disgust and rejection of either beer option.
When I first walked into the liquor store I had a wicked blight-or-plight response until I realized the microbrews were hidden all the way in the back.
by Woody Lajonze February 7, 2014
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