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Jager Bombs are being claimed by the Sagittarius community as the official celebratory Sagittarius drink. In these circles it is also known as the "Sag Jag" or "Jagittarius".
Those who are not Sagittarius have the option of becoming one for a night by simply consuming a
single Jagittarius.
Patron: Barkeep, I'll have one Jag Bomb please.
Barkeep: I believe you meant to say Jagittarius, as it is between the dates Nov 23rd and Dec 21st.
Patron: Yes of course, where have the days gone?
Barkeep: I don't get paid to small talk. Please direct your attention to a random pathetic costumer who is to drunk to reject your monotonous drivel.
by Jefferooo November 11, 2007
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