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In BDSM, TPE refers to a type of relationship: total power exchange. The implication is that the dominant partner has complete control and authority over the submissive in all areas and at all times, even when they're not actively engaged in a scene. Most couples will, however, agree to a set of terms and limits beforehand, which can be renegotiated if it becomes necessary.
It takes a lot of trust to go TPE. I wouldn't give someone that level of control until we'd been together for quite some time!
by Warhorse December 02, 2006
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TPE = Total Power Exchange
A sub-category of BDSM.
That freak is into TPE.
by BillShaite April 28, 2004
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Tight Pussy Energy
An individual, typically female, who gives off extremely uptight vibes but is truly a freak in the sheets.
β€œDude that girl’s such a bitch”
β€œYeah but she gives off so much TPE. I’d hit that.”
by Thicchawks July 18, 2018
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As relating to bdsm or a power exchange type relationship, TPE is an acronym for Total Power Exchange where a dom has total control over their sub. This is commonly referred to as consensual slavery. This dynamic is NOT only during scenes, it is a 24/7 bdsm dynamic. The dom is in control of the subs life, how they are allowed to dress, what they can eat, how much time they can spend on their phone, basically their life as a whole.
My Sir and I nigotiatd for our dynamic to eventually become a TPE type dynamic.
by Dynamics July 30, 2018
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Group/Team Made Consiting Hip-Hip and R&B music artist Priceless Da Roc and Ms #GetItIndy , C2Saucy , DjLucci and many many others. The group/team is named TPE a.k.a Tru Playaz Entertainment
In any of Priceless Da Roc songs or any other TPE member , you may hear the lady voice say "Its TPE Shit Baby"
by TheyLoveQueen February 22, 2014
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intelligent, sexy, smart, unbelievable, amazing, perfection; see wordThe_Pikas_Elbow2/word
TPE is a word that describes no man, except for The Pikas Elbow!
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